What's kinds of PCB we can do?

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China PCB manufacturer, multech PCB have provided millions of pcb boards to worldwide customers and along the way we're proud to have built a solid reputation for great prices, greate selection and a greate source for pcb board, pcb desgin and PCBA/PCB Assembly.Multech has been a leading pcb desgin, pcb manufacturer. Our succuess come from our professional knowledge, excellent team, well-equipped factory and the best service.PCB Capability:

PCB Layers1-24 Layers
Base MaterialFR4,CEM1,CEM3,ALU,FR2,FR1,Polymide,Rogers,Arlon,Teflon
Copper Thickness0.5-6 OZ
Impedance ControlYes
Peeable MaskYes
Min.Line Width0.08mm
Min.Line Spacing0.08mm
Min.Annual Ring PTH0.15mm
Hole Aspect Ratio10
Min.Board ThicknessSingel&Double side 0.2mm
Multilayer(4,6,8,10 layer)0.4mm,0.55mm,0.8mm,0,8mm
Max Board Sixe600*900mm,400*1200mm
Solder Mask Pitch0.1mm
Outline Tolerance±0.15mm
V-CUT Tolerance±0.10mm
thickness ToleranceMIL-P-13949 Class 2
Gold Finger5u"-50u"
Surface FinishHASL,LF HAL,Immersion Gold,Immersionsilver,Flash Gold,Flux Coat&OSP
Special CapabilityBurial/blind vias,Impedance Control,via plug,BGA,Gold Finger
TestFly probe test,E-test,Inspection AOI test




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